Saturday, March 21, 2009

Nirthers ahoy!

Every time I pluck up the courage to venture into Pamela Geller's shrieking shack, hoping to find anything hilarious, I don't get disappointed. Behold:

Buy your Nirth Certifikit Troofer shirt now, and puzzled and pitiful looks from the people all around you are guaranteed! We promise further alienation from your sane environments, or you get your money back!

(Mischievous as I am, I just had to tip off Charles Johnson. Guess that kind of stuff is part of me now..)

In other news, Pam is also extremely puzzled to why her colorful funhouse blog is being blocked on some governmental networks for being a platform for "hate/discrimination".

All further comments unnecessary.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

When terrorism doesn't matter

So, an extremist wing of the IRA is back in action by killing soldiers and policemen, and in a matter of hours, two shooting sprees claim several lives, one in Alabama, one in Germany.

What do these incidents have in common? None of them involved any Muslim terrorists. So imagine my surprise, when these stories passed by unreported on Little Green Footballs, Jihad Watch and Atlas Shrieks. Has it become a dogma that only Muslim nutters count, and that armed assaults on children inside schools are insignificant, or why are these veteran terrorist hunters silent? In terms of statistics, in the US and Europe, your kids are less safer in their own school from random maniacs than they are from any attacks by Muslims. So why -pray- should these professional pundits report on them?

Alas, if these people were pressed into mentioning it, Charles Johnson would quote the news site, along with a snarky prediction that the Euroweenies will clamp down on guns even further, Robert Spencer would feverishly explain that the young German murderer is not of Muslim background, and thus cannot by any standard be called a real terrorist, and Pamela (Shrieking Harpy) Geller.. Well, she would dig up a conspiracy theory on how young Tim Kretschmer came in contact with a Turkish pupil in his school, whose father knew somebody whose cousin back in Turkey listened to a sermon by a radical Imam condemning the West, and thus "proving" how this horrible incident is clear proof of creeping Jihad that will turn all trees gray and cause all our hair to drop out.

God forbid there were one Mahmoud included in these stories, in which case there would've been reports from said deskchair fighters all day long.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Once upon a thread..

It all started one day on a beautiful October Noon, when one day a blogger we all cherish and hold very highly, Charles "Chuckballs" Johnson, decided one day to post a happy and dandy thread about different people getting together in a glorious attempt to fight the looming and inevitable Islamification of Europe, a phenomenon so deviously cunning and sophisticated in nature, that barely any Europeans, Muslim or non-Muslim, are even aware of it happening. It also happens - in full harmony with this theory - that France, the culture most known for its almost vehement approaches to preserve its own language, culture, and customs is the one most DOOOOMED by this lurking hazard that will enslave the whole of Europe while the Moonbats™ sleep.

But it was a good cheering, and all the lizards were frolicking in their happy state of mind, where somebody was really doing something. Only the insane could ever suggest that anything could go wrong at this moment.

Or maybe not??

It was only on the 19th of October, 2007, at around 2:06:09 when an unexpected twist took over LGF. It was exactly at that moment, when Chuckballs started realizing that things aren't so pink and flowery about this movement, to which his minions of lizards where already holding each others hands, dancing in circles and celebrating its existence and courage, even offering to help, by merely.. you know.. looking at stuff or something..
#37 cry of defiance and not of fear

The only time when it's "too little and too late" to fight for your freedom is when you're dead. Perhaps the European-bashers would care to devote themselves to one or two problems with islamization and sharia a bit closer to home?

Anyone interested in helping the Europeans can have a look at the links, addresses, telephone numbers and representatives' names over at the Gates of Vienna article."
We interrupt our programming to present one suggestion that topped the "Hilarious!!" list:
#83 EE


One indispensable thing that they have to do is to convince the non-Muslim population of Europe to reproduce itself, to stop the demographic situation in which the number of deaths each year exceeds the number of live births each year, for the non-Muslim population.

The Muslim population doubles every generation; the non-Muslim population declines every generation. That trend determines Europe's fate.

If they don't change that, then the most that they can do is to postpone the inevitable Islamization of Europe.

Yes! The best solution is to outbreed the Muslims!! You see, Muslims in Europe may seem to have the same average number of children found in any non Muslim family from Europe, but in reality when they reproduce and have only two kids, it's actually thirty of them. Becaues they're just lying to you, don't you dare believe that they have only two kids. It's their in their Taqiyya, right? Ah, what cunning and devious people.. But I digress..

On a more serious note however, everything was wonderful in lizardland before Chuckballs dropped the bombshell: Not all the people fighting the Muslims in Europe were doing it for honourable reasons. We ask you to bear with us while we insert a short intermission:

DUH. (That is all.)

Who woulda thunkit?! They're right-wing white supremacists with the incredibly complex agenda of racial superiority on their hands. It all makes sense now! And it was right at that moment where things started to get grotesque: Bigots and racists distancing themselves from other bigots and racists.

Meanwhile, the partying stopped abruptly, all the cheering evolving into dumb and confused looks. And when the IQ of the average lizard (on a scale from 1 to 10) started comprehending that they might look bad for associating with right-wing fascists from Europe (it took them quite a while), they developed the ingenious idea of using their best talent in order to save what was left of their shroud dignity: Spraying venom at the racists for a change! Why, that should work splendidly!

There was still hope for the lizard army. And who could ever be lost under the highly persuasive guidance of Chuckles himself?

#117 Sheik yer'mami

"There is that 'racist' word again. Like 'Islamophobe'- the great boogeyman, the fiery dragon in our nightmares, to scare us off.

What's worse? Islam or the perceived racists?

Yes, most of us have problems with those who would openly discriminate against another people because of the colour of their skin.

Perhaps it is the biggest problem we have, in order to organize. But we know racism and we know how to deal with it. It shouldn't scare us the way it does.

But most of us don't know Islam and don't realize how dangerous it is for freedom and democracy. We need all the help we can get. I say get with the program and lets sort the racists out later.
What say you?"

#120 Charles

re: #117 sheik yer'mami

No, I do not agree. True racists have their own agenda, which they will hide and lie about in order to hitch a ride on a popular cause. It's very dangerous to associate with those types.

#126 Sheik yer'mami

re: #120 Charles
Charles sez:
No, I do not agree. True racists have their own agenda, which they will hide and lie about in order to hitch a ride on a popular cause. It's very dangerous to associate with those types.
Agreed. That makes them no different from the Muhammedans. You're right in that its very dangerous to associate with those types.
That's why I said it is the biggest problem we have altogether, because we're still a tiny minority and they're already playing the race-card very successfully to discredit us.

Well, I guess we have to draw the line from the very beginning.

Thereby, the fateful moment in the history of the nutsphere had come, when the number of fronts LGF was fighting battles on, increased by one, to be accompanied by some more later.

So today we join you on this long and eventful journey to examine what exactly happened, and how the mentally challenged confused people who were once the greatest of allies became sworn enemies in a timescale that would put the interval between an LGF post and the first comment to shame.

Enjoy the ride!