Saturday, March 21, 2009

Nirthers ahoy!

Every time I pluck up the courage to venture into Pamela Geller's shrieking shack, hoping to find anything hilarious, I don't get disappointed. Behold:

Buy your Nirth Certifikit Troofer shirt now, and puzzled and pitiful looks from the people all around you are guaranteed! We promise further alienation from your sane environments, or you get your money back!

(Mischievous as I am, I just had to tip off Charles Johnson. Guess that kind of stuff is part of me now..)

In other news, Pam is also extremely puzzled to why her colorful funhouse blog is being blocked on some governmental networks for being a platform for "hate/discrimination".

All further comments unnecessary.


  1. Even though I had nothing to do with Pammy getting blocked, I'm sure I'll get blamed anyway. Some hate mongers think I'm God of the Internet. :>)

  2. This makes me want to go to Pammy's site and leave a comment that is less than completely defamatory with regards to Islam.

    We'll see how long that one stays up...

    Blocked indeed!

  3. Wow! Pammy showing a sense of humor over Charleypants? Unheard of! Tell me she's not going to stop the venom in the Blog Wars! Could her hate for us be stronger than her hate for Charles?

    Robert4, good luck, I can't even get a comment through in any way...LOL.

  4. Thanks for the luck, but don't waste it. Pammy hasn't approved a comment of mine in years. Good thing she's all about 'free speech' and 'truth telling,' huh?

  5. LOL...yeah, seriously, she's ajuat a paragon of freedoms. Too bad she doesn't mention her abortion rights stance online...ooops, did I say that? LOL